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About Me

365 Well Being

Hello, let me introduce myself. I am Robin Sammons, creator of 365 well-being, an online program to help you live your best life. I come to you having experience as psychiatric NP, RN educator and holistic life coach. With over 40 years of health care experience empowering people, I have focused on areas that I feel would cultivate growth in self-esteem, resiliency and the ability to stay focused on what’s important and that is you.

The program provides you with thought provoking content, education on topics such as stress management, anger management, dealing with grief, compassion and identifying other mental health needs. We will focus on practical interventions such as mindfulness activities, breathwork, relaxation, self-reflection, positive self-talk, visualization and journaling.

The program is appropriate for all adults, young and old. It is a great gift for a love one or to yourself. It is by no means a substitute for your therapist or primary care psychiatrist or medication.

If you’re struggling with thoughts to harm yourself or others, please reach out for help at -988- lifeline.

Go to the closest ER. You can also call 911 and ask them to help you.

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